Ioanna Michalopoulou

Managing Partner, Michalopoulou & Associates
Ioanna is a specialist Corporate Lawyer recognised within the Medical, Pharma and Life Sciences industries for her dedication and her ability to understand and resolve complex corporate law issues with significant expertise in data protection law and GDPR. Her rich experience as a Corporate Lawyer teamed with the satisfaction she earns from tackling challenges, has led her in successfully handling dozens of demanding cases in the areas of Commercial, Public Procurement and Employment Law. Her clients benefit from her business approach to Law and her international M&As working experience. She understands business to the core and supports business growth and development by providing “spot -on” legal safeguards and solutions. As a legal counselor to multinational corporations with responsibility for Group and EMEA subsidiaries, she is confident in operating in global corporate settings to the benefit of her clients. Ioanna believes in fairness and duty. These principles have been guiding her 20-year career and have helped her create and foster invaluable bonds with clients and associates all over the world. She is the Managing Partner at Michalopoulou & Associates Lawgroup.