Ioannis Drakoulis

Procurement Manager, AEGEAN AIRLINES
Yannis is the head of the Greek Forensic & Integrity Services practice of EY which also houses the Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Services. He has more than 16 years of experience in professional services, working previously in Technology and Security Risk Services and in Business Risk Services of EY. Yannis oversees a specialized team of certified fraud examiners and maintains a business portfolio of high-impact opportunities. He draws knowledge and experience from forensic works and fraud investigations to manage highly challenging and complex engagements. Yannis is experienced in managing diverse issues including fraud, regulatory compliance, risk frameworks and modeling, corporate governance and dispute resolutions. He designs tailor-made investigative plans for the effective evaluation of allegations of fraud/irregularity or actual fraud situations. In more detail, Yannis experience stems from fraud, corruption, and other investigations, commercial disputes, business integrity assignments, transaction disputes, fraud prevention and compliance programme development. He is highly active in corruption investigations and possesses deep knowledge of regulatory environment including corruption issues (Bribery Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OECD convention on corruption, local corruption legislation, and enforcement trends). It should be also highlighted his experience in Anti-Money Laundering processes, which include suspicious activity investigations, currency transaction reporting, global sanctions screening, enhanced due diligence or other AML processes. Currently Yannis is heavily involved in GDPR compliance issues and implementation plans. Last but not least, Yannis and his team has the skills and experience to unravel the puzzles, collect and document the evidence, perform the detailed analysis, allowing clients to move forward with the information they need.